i need a glass of water

Clearly i've gotten a hold of some new My Little Shoebox. Super cute stuff. I love how they use bright colors in their lines, but they're not always super bright. Kinda? does that even make sense? I've been holding on to this shot of our house number for quiet some time.

OH and i've been back on an alpha kick lately. MLS and cosmo cricket have some rockin alphas these days.

Shouldnt all cupcakes be pink?! Speaking of, i think i want to do some baking this weekend. or make something other than dinner. With any luck, we've really started spring and the weather is going to stick like it has been the past couple days. freakin fantastic. the sun is warm and the breeze is cool. love it! need to stock up on some sunscreen while i'm thinking about it. the couple tubes i have left wont make it much longer if things stay like this.

oh! new review up at The Crop Spot with some new layouts there. fun stuff!

im going to get a glass of water now i think.

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