RAKs to inspire RAKs

So, this is the start of something much bigger. I originally was thinking this piece would go on my right ribcage, but its too big and I didn’t want to sacrifice the size. So, after a few attempts of trying to convince me this piece would look best on a shoulder, Stephan got the line transfer on me and I like it. so he zipped in and after 3-1/2 hours, I am outlined, shaded and partially colored. On the 15th i go back in for the rest of the color and i'm going to talk to him about working our way across to the other side. I have a few ideas that I would like to encorperate into a back piece, but i fully plan on havind my upper back/shoulders completely covered. infact i think i want them to roll over my shoulders a little but so something will end up behind the scissor handles for instance. More photos to come once we're done with the process. its been fun so far. glad i did this.

Yesterday we had a crop event at Memories Live On (which was super fun) but on the way there I was like 60 seconds behind an accident where this young girl had turned her truck around backwards and flipped it onto its side. I didn’t see the accident itself, and I was like 10 cars back, so I did see 10or so people rush out of their cars, open the passenger door to this truck and help the girl out. Something all of us would do, right? But then one of the women in this group of helpers gave this girl and amazing hug that even I could see that this stranger cared about this other stranger. Restored a little faith that people don’t just suck. Something I wish I encountered more.

Speaking of crop, yesterday we hosted Crop Blue. We decided we wanted to do more than Scrap Pink to help aid our shopping habits and those who need so much. This crop we donated to March of Dimes and it was a huge hit! We had some great make&takes and, my favorite part, got to spend the day making with some great friends. This card was my make&take. I kinda over ordered on embellishments for February’s The Sampler so I used a few bits and pieces from there.

Since I'm feeling inspired by those who share things atm, leave me a comment and I have one pack of these sihlouttes left along with some of the trims I didn’t end up using that could end up on your door. I think I will take comments until march 6th, which is when I will randomly pick the winner for the HUGE giveaway for The Sampler over at the crop spot! Be sure to check that out too whilst you’re at it!!!

ok, i'm working on this altered house thats trying to fight with me. must show it whom is boss! rarr!!!!

happy sundays kiddos!


Sassy's Pretty Scrappy said...

These are beautiful. that tatoo is amazing. What inspired the sissors?
You can get me at sassycharlena74@msn.com

Rachael said...

Oooh! That silhouette is sooo pretty(:

And I absolutely LOVE that tattoo! The style is super pretty.

hollystar said...

i should tell the story, huh? i've wanted a "crafty" tattoo for a very long time, but as a papercrafter had a hard time figuring the symbol. then, a few months ago it hit me, who cares? i love so many crafts why does it have to be something specific as to what i touch everyday. then it was obvious. these scissors are a model of gingher 8" dressmaker shears. a pair of scissors i think of everytime i remember where my crafting started. my grandmother's sewing cabinet.

*fauve* said...

WOW such an AWESOME tattoo!Wish i was brave enough to take one!Thanks for doing the RAK that is fab!

Becca said...

Love your tat.
Can't wait to see it finished!
: )

And you can't beat the kindness of strangers. Sometimes, actually, you have to depend on it.


Charisma3103 said...

Gorgeous tat and what a wonderful thing to do..

Janie Boots

Heather said...

Awesome tattoo! Scrapping for the march of dimes is awesome too! Love the card!

Anonymous said...

Love the tat! So awesome!

McMGrad89 said...

I think I saw you mention earlier that you wanted a craft inspired tattoo and couldn't imagine how it was going to turn out. Well, it's quite impressive.

I was a first arriver upon an accident once and I remember a coworker driving by and not stopping and going to work telling everyone I was in an accident. I asked her if she thought I was in an accident why didn't she stop? She didn't have a good answer.

Glad to know that so many people stopped to help in the accident you witnessed.


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