if you're the bird...

the bird & the worm came on when i was driving to the store today and its totally stuck in my head. its a happy, catchy, upbeat, pedestrian song. Matches my mood. yes, i feel kinda pedestrian today. but possibly on lollerskates rather than on foot...

today is the big day in terms of being more painted than before. i'm excited. i'm really effing curious as to what Stephan's drawing is going to look like this time. Stephan is my new buddy who pokes thousands of little holes in people and applys ink. love his business card it featuers a zombie and says "i'm not dead......i'm just swedish". interesting little fella.

so, has everyone seen the Hambly limited ed. prints from their new releases! i dropped by a few weeks ago and snagged some for myself. Mainly the doily decor! Snag some whilst you still can!! i'm on the verge of placing orders for the kit club & store and super excited about there new stuffs!! really digging the rub-ons.

anywho, back to works!

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Rachael said...

I lovee that song(: Owl City is definitely on my top 3.

Also- those papers are suuuuper cute.


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