thinking out loud...

Contemplating a turkey picata for dinner tonight. january's martha stewart living has a recipe for chicken with lemon butter sauce, which sounds pretty close to a picata just minus the capers, but they have it served over raw spinach. that sounds really good right now...


Buterfly Crafts challenge 25 is up and sponsored by The Sampler!

Its all about the kids over there this month! Your kids, your grandkids, nieces, nephews, the kids who throw baseballs through your windows... KIDS! Wander over to Butterfly Crafts and scrap what the kids in your life love to do for a chance to win a nice bundle from The Sampler!


you know when you've got the right one...


We got our tree a couple weeks ago. The boy was stoked. Since then all I hear about is how Christmas is candy. serious.


ps. why are glasses of wine always poured so small in the movies?!!?!?!? pfft.
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holiday inspirations...

my love of woodgrain patterned papers made me post this.... super cute! super easy!

Cosmo Cricket Holiday Tins

ok. back to making merry....


The Sampler makes its debut!

I have been looking forward to this day a lot longer than its been part of my reality. My hours are getting longer, but the rewards are only getting richer. Today is The Sampler's debut of its very 1st kit: December Delights. I've been working on projects and, so far, i've created this guy:

this layout came to me quickly once i read the quote on the cardstock...

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ok, its late. i really just wanted to share the start of this roller coaster as we started to gather momentum. happy launch day everyone!

its been a while...


was just working on some photos and found this one. dont let the innocent look deceive you...
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