i've got big balls & she's got big balls....

so that is exactly how i started my morning. Well, getting into my car and blaring it actually on my way to get the poodle a poddlie hair cut. i need a hair cut come to think of it. anywho, on to more importants business.

how, um, awesome(???) is this?!?!?! A little screen in a magazine!?!??! I dont know that i neccesssarily want these in my magazines, BUT could you imagine the possibilities in scrapbooking!?!?!? that just insane! I can see it now, embellish around the VIDEO of that wild weekend in vegas, the father daughter dance at your wedding, your child's 1st steps, etc...

anywho, brain goes zoom!

BTW! Our random number was number 2 for my latest ultra mini, ultra cute giveaway! CONGRATULATIONS NORMA KENNEDY!! hopefully, by now, i have sent you and email and your postcard of cutiepatootieness is on its way!!!!

so, i hope everyone is having a swell friday. i have tons of projects to finish and/or share with you guys! As a warning, i have a lot of giveaways coming up here and at the SBSRUS Crop Spot, so check both often!!!!

sunshine & bunnies,

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