i just love when husband comes home...

and brings me super awesome stuffs!

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that scary looking rabbit head is actually a "soft toy postcard"! how awesome? i can cut it out, stitch it, and stuff it to make the creepiest little rabbit EVAR! there is also a sweet little lamb and pink elephant and others. aw. i miss husband when he is gone, but then he brings super cool things back. so, in the end, maybe i'm glad he was gone!??!!??!

anywho, how about i share my enjoyment by *gasp* parting with one and sending it to one of you guys!!! leave me a comment and i will pick a winner, oh, in a few day...

have a super wednesday!!!
sunshine & bunnies,


Julie Ann Shahin said...

wow, he is really in tune with what you like!!!! how cool.

Norma Kennedy said...

very cool... for some reason I have been into creppy lately like ur little rabbitt :' )

Diane B. said...

cool finds by da hubby! congrats!


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