mini album mania?

just about.

I've been so super busy working on samples for memories live on and samples/product reviews for scrapbooking supplies R US's blog (SBSRUS) (none of which have been posted, but all in good time) that i have totally neglected sharing anything here. i'm awesome, what can i say? i have had the privilage of recreating Irene Tan's (aka. Scrapperlicious) work for SBSRUS and having a blast! she has definately expanded my inking and distressing horizons. so much so that i recently created this little sample book built upon clear scrap's mini deco acrylic album. it doesnt have any photos atm, but soon...


**i'm not sure if you guys are having trouble viewing all of the imgs, but i tried to fix them and its still not working. sorry about that. hopefully i can get them uploaded into a new gallery and attach that to this blog finally.


Joe said...

I can view the pictures just fine, love.

I think scrapbooks are really cute, but the OCD in me just keeps telling me that they would never fit really well on a bookcase.

hollystar said...

they do and they dont. i make a lot of mini albums (like the one in this post and larger) for class purposes and gifts. my personal albums are 12x12" for the time being. i think i'm going to start doing 8-1/2x11" soon. the size of a regular binder. right now i keep the 3-12x12 complete albums and 1-8x8" vacation album on a side table shelf with some magazines. there they are out of the way but still accessable.


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