so yesterday i made the 22mile trek to our "local" whole foods in los gatos. got some yummies and load everything (including the boogerbear) into the car eager to get home. (it was like a billion degrees over there! ok, more like 100, but thats NUTS!!!) i turn the key. the car starts. the car dies. i turn the key again. the car starts. the car dies. i repeat this no less than 45times, try a couple of the FEW, MINOR auto tricks i have up my sleeve (like checking the oil, giving it a little gas, making sure i even have gas...) and then i make a panic'd phone call to the hubby. (like he's going to know ANYTHING about cars. he's one of those nerdy, computer types) his contribution to the ordeal is to immediately get in his car and head my way. (no a/c and a hot, hot potato baby makes mom a crazy lady) he's about 25minutes from me. next, i call my hero, AAA. they had a service truck there in less than 15minutes. the guy does the same thing i do (hey, at least there was some action going on) and says there isnt anything obviously wrong, it just wont idle.... um... ok.... thats pretty neccessary. so he gives me my options of: A) having it towed to my friendly, local for dealership (i drive a ford escape. apparently ford dealerships are the place for fords to go when they're broken...), B) have it towed to another desirable location of my choice (how about the nearest Subarooooo dealership so i can trade that badboy in for a brand spankin' new tribeca!?!?!?) C) give it time. let it cool off. and through magic have it start back up in a few hours. (he mentioned something about vapor and bubbles and i smiled pretty and nodded my head) D) i can just restart it everytime i come to a stop and take it back home myself. (first of all, i'm not that coordinated. second, there's a freaking silly curvy mountain between my current gps location and my home gps location. third, i'm not that coordinated!)

so we opted for A. meh. they called the tow truck about 3. the AAA man said the truck would be there within AN HOUR and i could just leave the keys with him and sign something off with me. so i did. it was hot. i want things to just work. dangit! so the hubby, boogerbear, and i head home in the hubby's reliable vehicle. yay! its a million degrees at home too. poop! so we kill time and wait for the car dealership or AAA to call us and confirm that my car is there. it was supposed to be picked up by 4 making its arrival at the dealership (considering traffic) at the latest 6ish. 6ish comes and goes and nothing. i call AAA to check up on things and apparently the tow truck hasnt picked up my car yet! GRRRRRRRRRR! i was so hoping to get it into the dealership and onto the service log for the next day. (this is a holiday weekend after all) well, the dealership closes at 7 so there's no way my wishes will be granted this day. around 8:30 i get a call from AAA saying my car reached the dealership. fartfaces!

today i wake up expecting my phone to ring. i wait. and wait. and wait. its 9am and i finally call the dealership. they're like "oh, yea. we saw that one." and i'm like "um. yea. ok. FIX IT!!!" and they're like "no problem. we'll have a service advisor call you as soon as someone looks at it" and i'm like "SWELL!" ok, its after 3pm. no service advisor yet. i call. i leave messages. i hate not having a car! around 4 someone calls me to tell me that they have "bad news" (the "oh crap! $1000+ on a car. poop!) but the bad news is more about them than the car. (breath a sigh of relief. blood pressure returns to normal) they're so swamped than no one is avaliable to even LOOK at the car. (steam shoots out my ears! it took them 6 hours to tell me that?!?!?!) so i tell the service technician about the vapor bubbles and ask him to try to start the car before its declared a lost cause. he was nice. he humored me and went to try it telling me he would call me right back. 10minutes later he calls and tells me he just took a lovely spin around the block in my car and i could come pick it up. YAY! oh, wait. whats wrong with it?!?! no idea. ok. it works. thats the point.

(actually i have to take it back on tuesday for recall work and they're going to snoop around while their in there... ok. just dont charge me!!!)

and i just burned carrots....


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