ok, i'm back. i think. i hope. i dont even know where to start. when did i even blog last???

from a frantic memory (today proablly isnt the best day for this,) here goes some highlights from the past couple months:

tyler started walking!!! and can say "crack-ah!" like, he carries around an empty box of crackers and says it. apparently that means he wants crackers. if he's just hungry he says "mamamamamamamama." i see where his loyalties are.
mom had a good visit. she's relatively sane as of late. her divorce is final. she's offically miss kaluza again. she's also back to teaching. it seems that this batch of kiddies are a little better. and she called me at 1am (my time, 3am her's) to tell me she had a party and made out with an old highschool boyfriend. the only thing i could ask was "is he married?" no, thank goodness. but she's a wild one. i wonder if i should give her a cerfew? make her call me? check in, ya know?
computers died. thus the neglect to my lovely blog and stress outlet. husband finally got them back up and running. well the desktop. my laptop is totally gone. but the hubby did get the data off it. yay hubby!
my "bestfriend" came for a visit. the same best friend that i was so mad at for not even thanking me for her bridal shower/bachelorette party and everything else i pulled together for her wedding. she's pregnant. its going well so far. i feel better about our relationship after her visit. i alluded to not enjoying the company of people who didnt appreciate my efforts and i think she kinda got it. i also made a deal with myself not to bend over backwards for her. i'm here for her, but im not laying all my effort and emotion out for her to take.
the dreaded BIL's girlfriend is banned from the family. i dont know if she gets it, but it sure is nice not dealing with her face to face. sounds mean, but i'm so beyond pretending on that front. oh yea, she didnt show up for the boogerbear's 1st bday party. thinking back on it, we're way glad they weren't there, but its um only RUDE! so thats what finally finished her in my book. so much for building strong family bonds huh? (i'm sure this will be something i elaborate on later)
i freaking hate the stupid depo shot! its making me nuts. any recommendations on a good, effective BC? please! i'm desperate! i've been on the shot a year and each month when i'm supposed to bleed (ew) i'm nuttier than squirrel poo... seriously. i have a well woman exam coming up in a week. i'm definately going to talk to my ob/gyn about it then. we're not ready for another baby, but i cant stand another hormone high beginging of the month!!!
the boogerbear and i are heading to houston for my mom's bday and a cousin's wedding in a couple weeks. im looking forward to the trip just not the traveling. any recommendations on a good, effective baby sedative??? please! i'm desperate!!!

i think thats the big things. i have a lovely story for today. so tyler is yet again battling his infamous diaper rash. its pretty bad today and i had to start using the steroid (poop) cream last night. (we had been using the diaper ointment by burt's bee's. that stuff worked wonders where nothing else would work at all. i highly recommend for the ultrasensitive baby butts) well, to continue the story, he pooped (for the 4th time today. ugh!) and i changed him. i had plans of drawing a cool bath for him so i put a diaper on him so i could get the bath ready. well, before i could pick him up off the couch (where i changed him, so luckily the area was well covered) a gusher of puke launched into the air. and down again. what do you know? gravity works... before i can get him out of it he rolls around in it a little. well, at that point i just picked him up and ran to the bathroom. on the way he puked (a lot) again on the wool run and toy box. i finally get him in the bathtub where he pukes a little more and finally starts to calm down. right about the time i was washing the puke out of his hair, i start puking. i have a really weak gag reflex. lame. oh well, all is well now. he's sleeping and i'm showered. now all i have to do is to figure out how to get the curtled milk smell out of the rug. ARGH!!!

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Kelly said...

Well look who decided to grace us with her presence in the little blog world... LOL

Sounds like you have been busy! Your mom is nutso LOL But you knew that already didn't ya?? LOL

Hope you and the little guy are feeling better!! I have no advice about BC... we are using the "natural planning" method around here (which can also be stated as "he isn't allowed near me during the middle of my cycle at all!") hehe


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