a long road ahead...

For the past year or so, I have been working on my personal health... or at least thinking about it. It all started with a fitbit. Tracking movement (or lack there of) really got me thinking about what I do everyday... How was I moving? What was I eating? Where was time going?

Over the summer of 2014 I moved more and I ate better and I lost 25lbs or so going into the fall. Then traveling husband and holidays happened and off the wagon I fell... tumbled... crashed in a horrific fiery explosion. KA-POW! In the spring of 2015 I started moving again but I also was working on a fundraiser that pushed me over my stress edge and into the land of eating out and playing video games. Along with some family drama, life was causing problems and I really didn't have motivation to do more. 

So I never really fully got back onto the wagon after all. Long story short, the stress of the fundraiser got me to my breaking point of "eff this, i'm out..." drops mic... 

Which was good in reality. I looked deeply at my obligations, where I spent my time, and what was valuable to me at the end of the day. I found the power to say no. To stop. To take the time to do what was important to me. I MADE PRIORITIES. 

In the list of my top 5 priorities, my personal health popped back up. Somehow I got it into my head that I wanted to run. There was a goal... How was I going to get there? When was I going to run? What did running mean? 

How? I was going to find a place where childcare would not be an issue and I was going to work out. I was going to move. 

When? Star Wars Half Marathon in January 2016. Done. (ps. is it crazy to sign up for a half marathon with out running ever before in my adult life? lil bit? k.) 

What does this  mean? It means I'm going to develop healthy habits and gain a more active lifestyle. Weight loss, strength training, endurance training, sweating a lot... 

One day, I wrote in my planner to look into gyms. You know, find some... price them... see about childcare... then not do anything about it. Later that day, I stopped into a local gym... and joined. 

Just. Like. That. 

Now, just about two months later, I've made some gains, hired a trainer, have experienced pains I didn't know could exist, and typed a very long post. There is more in there... but I'll talk about that more later... just happy to be moving again, no matter how long the road ahead of me is... 

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