THIS MONTH v. no time like the present

December brought us many many good times. Disneyland, visit from our Mimi, holiday shenanigans, etc... I have been documenting it all and very excited to get project done at upcoming crops! 

Already a 1/3rd through January (oops) and 2015 is planned to be an amazing year. 

*Looking forward to:
-Organizing our lesson plans for the semester
-Pinewood Derby Cub Scout Pack Meeting 
-Crafting with some amazing ladies once again (I haven't hosted a crop in well over a month!) 
-Sewing my first batch of princess dresses for the little lady

*Blogging this month:
-Valentines Day Crafts (with and with out kiddos) 
-Auction Fundraiser Planning 
-Home School Organizing 
-Pinewood Derby 
-2015 Holiday Project Wrap Up! 

-Working towards my 1st 5k RUN and on the road to a 1/2 marathon in 2015. 
-Keeping pace in my Day Designer Planner 
-Actually getting all of my projects posts published... on time... 
-Working towards more crafting partnerships
-Relaunching my Etsy store filled with amazing goodies for the upcoming year

Happy 2015!

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