While I haven't made blogging a priority lately, I have made crafting. Lots of cutting on the cameo, glitter, rolls and rolls of  scotch atg tape, a few paper cuts, and so on... CHA projects and holiday gifts are keeping my desk messy and fingers a little dirty. 

With the exception of husband & the kiddos, we have a completely handmade holiday this year. The projects I'm most proud of were the ones which resulted out of challenges. My uncle and cousin are impossible to buy for, nevermind craft for. BUT I DID IT! VICTORY! 

Last weekend was the bake-a-thon. No less than 40 dozen cookies were made using about 15 sticks of butter for family friends and co-workers. Only one minor injury was sustained during this process.

I have been working on a december daily album, but this year i took a short cut in hopes of just finishing it this year. The holiday SMASH book from K&Co is perfect for me this year. AND i've managed to keep it mostly up to date. But, thats another post.

So... how's it goin?


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