The auction that never ended...

This past weekend was the auction that i have been working in since the fall. The upside? It was a big success and we raised over 100k to continue PTA funded programs at our school. The downside? Its still not over. Syncing data, delivering unclaimed auction items, thank yous, returning equipment, more thank yous.... The list goes on.... Not to mention, I'm seriously thinking about next year and chairing again.... Sorry blog and craft life. Hopefully having more time to plan means less time to stress....

In other news, exciting blog hops coming up from Hydrangea Hippo as well as amazing new kits from not only Hydrangea Hippo and The Sampler! I have so many goodies on my desk right now, i NEED to make some time to get some real work done! Hehe...

The kids are also amazing. The boy is on the verge of a yellow belt in his martial arts class and the ladybug is up to general mischief.... 

Its a zoo at our house, can you tell??? ok, i'm off. have a super friday! 


time flies... when you have too much crap to do....

The past two months have been completely nuts. I hate to use this blog as a place to whine and air my dirty laundry, but I have very little to talk about thanks to an all consuming project of mine which we will refer to as THE AUCTION.

Why THE AUCTION? Because its an auction. Lol. No, really. I am co-hosting an auction for the boogerbear's elementary school. The adventure started back in November, but we are T minus two weeks and counting. I have put on a lot of hats during this process. Event coordinator (previous life, before children, not really a big deal), procurement underling (give me stuff... rarr... i mean please...), graphic designer (if i have to design one more flyer, i am going to SNAP!),  web developer and whatever else got thrown under my feet. In short, its almost over and I will persevere!

Actually, in a must be constantly swimming state, THE AUCTION has been fun. A lot of work, yes. But a lot of neat things too. Some great relationships have been made with other parents. Its nice to feel like I am making an impact at the boogerbear's school (even though we're thinking of changing his enrollment in the upcoming year, but more on that later). I totally get to indulge the party planner in me between hitting the floral supply, ordering linens, interviewing DJS, sourcing rentals, and working on little details that will make THE AUCTION just fabulous. I will persevere.

In other news, Pip's 1st two molars are coming in. Every dirty shirt in our hamper has snot streaks on it... pants too. I just revealed the March kit from The Sampler.

Its fabulous. Planning on spending some quality time with it tomorrow at the Friday night crop at Memories Live On. Click here for more details! There is also a FREE .STUDIO FILE to coordinate with the kit. Love it!

Hydrangea Hippo revealed a new kit this month too!

I am loving mine! The trims alone are simply phenomenal! I will have projects to share in a couple weeks, but I highly recommend you check out this kit for yourself! Head over to the Hydrangea Hippo blog, check out the details and you could even WIN one yourself!

ok , enough babbling for now. I must get back to making flyers for THE AUCTION! If I'm not back in three weeks, send help... and a bottle of tequila... same thing really....



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