this and that, right now

*watching: the devil wear prada (background noise)

*eating: vanilla yogurt with granola

*drinking: black tea

*doing: blogging, laundry, trying to save the world, etc...

*listening: poodle bruffs

*absorbing: sleepytime baby noises

*researching: cloth wipes, bread machine recipes & organic/natural snacks

*planning: painting and finishing the boy's room (big plans for etching a couple horribly HUGE mirrored closet doors...)

*dreading: doing taxes (not sure why, but they're causing anxiety)

*thinking: having one child is hard, having two is 120938123x harder

*wishing: i had a little more time at my craft desk

*hoping: husband makes it home as scheduled

*looking forward to: next week with my mom in town!

*thankful for: the time i get to spend enjoying my family as we grow together

a couple layouts made using echo park's this&that lines:

the more i look at this layout, the more i think its not really finished. will work on this...

have a great week!

time just keeps tooting along...

a so does squish....



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