Its always nice to be where your stuff is...

Home again! It is always so sad to leave our family behind, but always so great to get back home where the routines exists (sometimes) and the laundry smells like us. After a long trip away from home, I always dream up all kinds of crazy projects to work on when I get home. This trip I was focused on our backyard (ugh), what i could make for dinner (the eternal question), christmas crafts (yay homemade!), and pintrest execution (seems to be going around the internet these days.)

The bad news: looks like, as always, I'm putting a little too much on my plate. or am I? the good news: I've already made some headway!

I was working on meal planning 1st, which happen to go along with pinterest thanks to the gobs of amazing looking recipes posted by the second. Here is a jpeg of the meal planner i half made/half borrowed from a word template.

Here is a jpeg of this week's menus. Feel free to borrow. Oh, and recipes and critiques to follow!
 The backyard has also been weighing on my mind lately. We have a very tiny, very pathetic yard. Its about 20x20ft and a train wreck. More about that in a later post, BUT I was working back there to create a family friendly space before I left. So i got to obsess create a plan of action while i was away. Here is to hoping to get the ground tilled over the weekend and plant grass the following week. then we wait. speaking of waiting, i made things grow already! never thought i was one for a green thumb, but there it is...

While in Houston I did manage to work on a trip mini album a bit. Over on The Sampler's blog i posted the beginning of the album. Swing by and check it out what's up so far! Its also the 1st of the month so that means its REVEAL DAY! August is "All Gussied Up" and amazing!

Ok, enough blogging and time to get life back to normal. Have a great wednesday!


Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

welcome back.

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

I'm all about meal planning so this chart is great. Thank you! I use a sad little lined notepad right now. LOL!

Amy said...

I have been repinning all your awesome dinner pins lately! Thanks!! I struggle with dinners as well. My husband is the cook around here but I'm trying to give him a break for the summer!

laura said...

I saw the beginning of your mini book. Great job.

Blessed Ladybug said...

love it and the blog is so nice and clean..


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