project update:

projects are going slow. there are too many of them. The Sampler's April2012 Kit is on my table (floor actually) right now and layouts are coming together like magic! this is about the only thing i've finished lately, but i'm proud of it none the less.

the shoulder straps that is. the baby has been done for a while...

squish update:
pip went to the pedi yesterday for her 1st round of vaccinations.. yuck. she's a sturdy 11lbs 7oz and a whooping 24-1/4inches tall and practically perfect in every way... duh!

easter update:
i made a bunny butt cake.

it was the fattest bunny ever!

other updates:
i may be late to the party, but instagram FINALLY has an app for droid users! finally! now if only pinterest would do the same...


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