little things...

this week was full of little things for us... little bits of happiness... little bits of sadness.

unexpressable (yes, i know that's not a word) happiness comes from this littlest thing. not thing. person. our niece was born this past week and brought hope and happiness to our family. i look so forward to watching her grow and change. she is so tiny and already so amazing.

this week we also hatched butterflies from one of those grow your own butterfly kits and it was time to feed them. i made them a little bouquet of little flowers and it made for a little bit of happy.

little things...

with the news this week & news tonight, its clear things are changing. the world is changing. we are changing. i personally want to embrace each change and make the world a better place... for the little things...


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Katie said...

Beautiful post....I think you're right...we should all find a little bit of beautiful every day!


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