dirty girl... promise i washed my hands... many, many times.

Well, I can’t seem to sleep. Not totally sure why, but its not really anything new that I can’. So I’m at ye olde desk working on some finishing details on some layouts. Need to clean off my desk so I can glitter a little. Anywho, this weekend we took part of the stores to the Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton, CA. Expos are always a lot of work but feel so good once they’re done at the end of that last day. The make & takes went very well and my hands are even still a little dirty. Gotta love that. This is kinda sorta what I ended up making for Saturday. I enjoyed it.

Ben is out of town for the week. I was thinking of taking Tyler on a little mini trip to kill some time. Do something different, but I think I’m needed at the shop this week. I really should make a to do list to work on there and around the house. Everything seems to be between complete chaos and total organization around these places for me. They’re fighting for total ownership. I wonder who will win. My money is on chaos. Figures. But who knows where the week will take me. And if not this week, there are many other weeks...

In other news, my shoulder itches. Yes, I've been slapping it... Here's to you kids having a good week!


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