i really would like to buy the world a coke.

when i saw the oh so happy ghetto blaster on a sheet "Happy Thoughts" of from my little shoe box's new "Enjoy life" line i knew that it was destined for something great. then i stumbled into a photo i took and printed of real coke awhile ago. yea. it was majic. and, really, any excuse to put more martha glitter on stuff. a little tackey glue and some felt thickers and life is oh so sweet. 

here i go trying to use alchol inks like i know what i'm doing. but trying to blend mix alphas i had laying around. in ended up with a strip of Amercian Crafts and a deep purple faux snake skin paper. i love the cheesy title and bad picture of husband. he appreciates me doing this. i swearz. 
sunshine and bunnies, 

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judean said...

I'd love a coke--thanks! Cute page...and that bathtub/couch with the vinyl...to.die.for.


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