MEAL PREP MONDAY: Week of 8/31/2015

We finally returned from being gone for the past two months. This summer has been one big "off track" adventure. Weight loss has been slow but I have returned home 5 lbs lighter and able to "run" for 4+ miles which is a good thing because I have a 10k coming up at the end of September! All in all, the summer was great, but we're glad to be home and get back on track.

On the way home I meal planned for the week. After getting mostly unpacked, I hit the stores and started our meal prep for the week.

**What meal prep for us right now is completing lunches for myself and my husband for each week day, prepping healthy snacks with easy access, and then making sure its easy to assemble dinner each night for our family of four. If this work is done, our family has easy healthy options and we eat out less and feel better with a healthier diet.**

Shopping List: Lunches

3 Chicken Breasts
Beef Tritip
Albacore Tuna
Mixed Greens
Green Beans
Super Food Stir Fry Kit (Costco)
Whole Wheat Pasta
Misc Garden Veg
Fresh Garlic
Favorite Seasoning Blend

Keeping things simple this week, my plan started with a grilled tritip for dinner on Sunday night. To prep the rest, I seasoned the chicken breasts with a cajun seasoning blend and fresh garlic. While chicken was cooking with a smidge of olive oil, I started the stir fry mix in a pan and cooked my pasta as directed. Once stir fry was done, I placed it into its designated container and used the remaining stir fry sauce to steam the green beans. I also assembled a tuna salad to use as a snack and a meal for one day. Most containers contain 1 cup vegetables + 1/2 pasta + 4 ounce protein.

In the photos you can notice the differences between mine and husband's meals. I prefer chicken and dislike raw onion. He loathes cucumber...

Meal 1:
Spring Mix Salad with Chicken Breast (no dressing for me, blue cheese crumbles for husband)
Meal 2:
Chicken or Grilled Tritip with Pasta & Green Beans
Meal 3:
Tuna Salad and Crackers
Meal 4:
Grilled Tritip and Grean Beans
Meal 5:
Chicken Breast with Pasta & Green Beans

Sometimes the most boring meal preps are the most exciting! Don't mind me, I'm off to have some lunch!


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