is it fall yet?

about this time of year, i get ready for fall to show up. which is more than strange this year considering we've had a quite pleasant summer. i'm not rubbing it in or anything...

anywho, i got my hands on some of the new authentique halloween line. for fall, i definitely prefer fall/halloween lines with a less cutesy and more vintage feel to them so this is a great addition to my stash and albums...

since the boy was two, we've been going to near by uesugi farms every year when its time for pumpkins. each year i get a few great photos and loads of wonderful memories.

after working with this line from authentique, i gotta say i'm a little disappointed that the texture of the paper changed from their 1st release over the summer. but i'm not really all that excited about smooth paper that has a slight sheen as it is...

anywho, sunshine&bunnies


7/22/2011 DEstress Friday @ Memories Live On!

Although I won't physically be at Memories Live On tonight, my spirit and craftiness will be! I designed tonight's DEstress Friday make & take thinking of Tim Holtz's inking grungeboard page from his Compendium of Curiosities and came up with this....

as always make&take is FREE and runs from 6-9pm! be sure to swing by if you're in the San Jose area!



its the 21st already?!!?!?

every month i am totally blindsided when it comes time to share a Sassy Little Sketches layout! This month was no different. between visiting and visitors and good news, my layout stayed packed in a suitcase for longer than any layout should stay packed! BUT there is a great sketch up over at SLS today so check it out! here is my take on the sketch...

This layout is pretty sentimental to me right now. tomorrow the boy turns FIVE. no lies when people told us it go by soooo fast. its one big blur of ups and downs and milestones and amazement. One thing is for sure though, little dude is awesome and i cant wait to see what kind of big dude he transforms into.

also, i have to throw in that i created this layout during my last trip to houston. where i had to paper trimmer or tape. i crafted there with only scissors and some zip dry. not too shabby huh? was kinda fun even to not have so much stuff... *looks around* ... i like my stuff too though. ;)




i can't believe i didn't post this yet. We've been on the go pretty well for the past month and holy smokes i'm wiped out!

.... well... we did it now though... just when things were getting as "normal" as they ever could, we did this....

this image was taken a week ago at 9weeks. i think it looks like a baby with little t-rex arms... hey little baby! you have some t-rex arms in there?!

in other news, i have way too much crap to do. cleaning, crafting and wrapping up the details for our little man's 5th birthday weekend of wonder! i should get started on these things...



the holy nail

lately i've been perusing blogs outside of my typical crafting realms and i am stuck on The Holy Nail. tons of great colors. y'all check out the eye candy while i roam the internet looking for new nail polishes... like the ones from nubar which happen to be formaldehyde, toluene, & phthalate free!

** all nail/photo credits can be found at the holy nail!**


daily doodles in july!

idk if yall have visited paper sparrow before, but there are all kinds of adorableness over there, including a great animal doodle sheet for july! definitely something to check out if you are in need of a creative spark or two (or thrity one...) this month!



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